About Elegant Oaks

 Joy, Papy and Christine Damron are 3rd and 4th generation natives of Ocala, Florida. They were both raised on Baldwin Angus Ranch in the beautiful northwest section of Marion County. Joy and Christine reside on property adjacent to the ranch and have numerous other livestock in addition to their Angus cattle at Baldwin Angus Ranch. They are very proud of their agricultural roots and love promoting it in any capacity.

Joy is married to Wyatt Papy and Christine is married to Gary Damron. Each family has one child and both ladies are stay-at-home moms. They are raising their children the way they were raised with ideals in faith, hard work, promoting agriculture, and volunteering. Joy and Christine volunteer their time to the Marion County Cattlemen’s and Jr. Cattlemen’s Associations, the Florida Cattlemen’s Association, the American Angus Association, the Marion County Farm Bureau, the Marion County Agricultural Alliance, and the Southeastern Youth Fair. Joy helps run the day to day operations of the ranch and Christine has a B.A. in Elementary Education from Saint Leo University and home schools Joy and Wyatt’s son.

Elegant Oaks Inc. was officially formed in 2012 after many years of hosting family wedding and parties on Joy and Christine’s connecting properties. Their family and guests have always commented on how beautiful the property is and suggested they make it a place for everyone to enjoy. Although it is primarily a working cattle and horse ranch, they have dedicated 10 acres solely to hosting events. With the beautiful natural scenery including an old stage coach trail lined with oak trees, plus the addition of ponds, waterfalls, and lush landscapes, Elegant Oaks is the perfect location for any outdoor event.